Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

PAHAL FINANCIAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is an NBFC MFI registered with Reserve Bank of India operating in the state of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan and Maharashtra. PAHAL is dedicated to providing sustainable financial services for rural/urban/semi urban clients, with a target group of economically vulnerable women, on a commercially viable basis.

PAHAL has witnessed the difficulties faced by rural / semi urban / urban families, largely in accessing financial assistance and other essential services due to the limited accessibility to formal financial institutions like banks, municipal bodies, the public distribution structures, non-banking institutions, etc. The limitations on the part of the formal systems and time taken to address the issues in building linkages to hitherto un-reached borrowers galvanized PAHAL to start its micro finance operations.


Group Loan

Joint Liability Group Loans are given to individuals in a group comprising a min of 4 & a max of 7 women.

Individual Loans

Individual loans are given to
customers with a proven credit history with us.

Cattle Loans

Cattle loans are given to our existing customers as well as in the open Market based on proven credit check process.

Two wheeler Loans

Loans are given to existing
or new customers to purchase
2 wheeler.

Disclaimer: Except, taking out an insurance policy on the life of the borrower and guarantor (third party product), we do not sell any other third party products.